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Your Guide to Real Estate

Looking for property?


Your Guide to Real Estate

Looking for property?


A city is build upon people’s dream. A place which provide endless opportunities for them to raise homes of hope and arcades of amusements. City2 Marketing & Developers (Pvt.) Limited is your ultimate guide to live your dream. Being a team of real estate strategists and market experts, we ensure that either you Invest or Sell, you Win.

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Homes aren’t built in a day. It is the best investment that any individual make. That’s why WE have premium housing projects designed to offer quality living experience. Be it developed homes or residential plots, with US, you are not buying a house, You are buying a life style. Our team will take you HOME.

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90% of Millionaire become so through owning REAL ESTATE. So don’t wait to invest in our real estate projects, Invest and Wait. Avail promising opportunity of investment in Pakistan’s premium Commercial projects.

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We know the surroundings and we Value you. Use our experience and let us be your Guide to knock at the door of opportunities in real estate world. We are ready to serve you. Contact your guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the real estate related questions clients have asked us.
How do I finance the first real estate deal I find?

There are a number of options when it comes to financing your first real estate deal. You can invest in small projects which have easy instalment plans. You can always choose a conventional course of action by acquiring a loan from a traditional lender, as well.

What do I Need To Know as a First time homebuyer?

Buying your first home can be scary and overwhelming, but once completed, invaluable. The first step in becoming a first-time homebuyer is to get your finances in order. It is important to check your credit score in order to determine the overall state of your resources.

How do I select the best agency to help me achieve my investment goals?

Choose a team which has a track record of completing the project. A team which have experience and expertise in real estate projects.

How do I know the price of the property is fair?

We use a proprietary valuation model to determine the fair market price of a property. Sometimes individual properties are in a better or worse condition based on what the owners have done with them. The final offer on the property can be adjusted after a due diligence inspection

How does City2 Marketing help me select the right property?

We first try to understand your financial goals, investment method, risk tolerance and any other preferences that you may have by asking you a few simple questions. We use the answers you provide to create a personalized investment portfolio that fits your needs using our expertise. Our GUIDES then work with you every step of the way to select final properties.

City2 Eye

Your news partner into the world of real estate. Remain updated about the happening in industry, new government policies, opportunities and expert’s opinion.

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